Help The Kids

Please mail cheque to:

Hippo                                                                                                                                                    6045 Creditview Road, Suite #205                                                                                    Mississauga, Ontario                                                                                                                        L5V 0B1                                                                                                                                        Canada

Our day to day budget is covered by our Friend Joe and our Parents but we could still use some help with medicine and school supplies for the children.  We also do many special projects such as wells and Care Bins as money comes in.

We are still building houses for single moms and their children, and we are approaching our 200th house.  For $750 we are able to build a house that is 12′x12′ out of baked clay bricks. They get an iron-sheeted roof, and a cement floor, along with one wooden window and one wooden locking door. We also supply any blankets, mattresses and nets that are needed, because these women have nothing.

School Scholarships
Our school only goes up to grade 8, as that is all we can afford at this time. We pay for absolutely everything the child needs, from uniforms to textbooks to pencils to teachers salaries.  There are a few of our students that have done exceptionally well with their time at Hippo Academy, and we try to provide them with scholarships, so they may continue their education in a local highschool. A semester at highschool (there are 3 per year) costs $160. You can’t imagine how grateful our students are when they get a chance to continue their education.